LACCEI 2020 Virtual Edition

The impact that the pandemic has had on all sectors has been unprecedented, especially in the international supply chain and changes in the social aspect. This situation has forced us to reinvent ourselves in one way or another, creating spaces for creativity and use of technological tools and virtual communications.

This time is important for developing socio-emotional skills and training ourselves to contribute to society, maintaining educational, participation and training systems, as well as evaluating this experience to enrich our learning models. With this same character of facing this unique moment in our lives, LACCEI has decided to continue with its fundamental purpose of facilitating and promoting global collaboration for the continuous advancement of engineering, technology, education, research, practice and innovation, connecting Latin America and the Caribbean with the rest of the World. Bringing together the universities and institutions that are part of this ecosystem, promoting the meeting between students, professors, and researchers through its annual Multi conference.

This year LACCEI has reinvented itself by holding its International Multi conference for the first time, in a totally virtual, interactive and synchronous way, under a new proprietary online platform, where we will meet and share our experiences and work submitted for this 18th version of the LACCEI conference.

The registration process remains open and membership rights are preserved for institutions that have renewed their membership for this year.

It is vitally important to note that all the papers approved and presented in the Virtual Conference will have the same validity for regular indexing. Then, the articles presented at the conference will be published in the LACCEI digital proceedings with ISBN, ISSN and additionally, the Full papers will have DOI and will be indexed by SCOPUS and other online open indexers.

We will inform you about the access process, links, and ways to participate according to the roles that each person has in their institution, the consortium, and their submitted papers.
We are sure that the easy navigation in the online platform and the different presentations and acts inherent to the event, will make this conference an extraordinary experience of contact and participation.

We hope to see you soon, virtually, at LACCEI 2020!!!


Virtual Conference Announcement:

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